Caramel Cashew Brownie

"I love how it is so easy to change up a baking mix and turn it into something a bit extra so easily." - LeeAnn Yare

Prep: 10 mins
Bake: 25 mins
Eat: 10 generous slices

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1 Gold Label Chocolate Brownie Baking Mix as per pack, PLUS
3 heaped Tbsp of Cashew butter
3 good Tbsp of butterscotch caramel sauce


  1. Make up Gold Label Chocolate Brownie as per instructions and spread into a lined baking tin.
  2. Add the spoonfuls of cashew butter and butterscotch caramel sauce over the top of the batter.
  3. Swirled it through the brownie mix.
  4. Bake as per instructions.

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