Banana Feijoa White Chocolate Caramel Loaf

She’s a goodie perfect for school or work lunch boxes!

Prep: 10 mins
Bake: 30 mins
Eat: 2 loaves

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1 Gold Label Banana Bread Baking Mix as per pack PLUS
Chopped feijoas
1 cup of White Chocolate baking chips (optional)
1 / 4 cup Caramel Creamer (optional)


  1. Make up Gold Label Chocolate Brownie as per instructions.
  2. Mix in the pitted cherries and bake per usual.

Baking tip, if it’s nice + golden but not cooked through yet then pop a piece of tinfoil over the top to stop it browning any further.

Lunch box tip…slice up the whole thing + pop individual slices into small zip lock bags + freeze. Then simply grab one

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